Spike Stats

Player Performance Tracking App for Valorant

What is Spike Stats?

Spike Stats for Valorant is a mobile application for iOS & Android that specializes on analyzing players’ performance statistics and displaying them in an easy to understand fashion.

Performance Graphs

Spike Stats allows players to see their own profile, match history and statistics. It utilizes and interprets the data in the API to create insightful new information such as performance averages and trends. This data is then displayed to players in the form of beautiful graphs that are simple to digest.

Image of Main Screen 1 Image of Main Screen 2

Detailed Match Results

Spike Stats also provides detailed information for each individual match players has completed. This includes map info, names & number of medals accumulated during the match, KDA info as well as its breakdowns (such as kills per weapon type), round details and many other data points which we think players would benefit.

Image of Match Details Screen 1 Image of Match Details Screen 2

Minimalistic UI

Spike Stats is inspired by the minimalistic UI of Valorant and takes design cues from it to recreate the look and feel of the game while adding some characteristic elements of its own.


Spike Stats is available on App Store and Google Play.

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